GSI Outdoors 30 Fl Oz JavaPress

The GSI Outdoors 30 Fl Oz JavaPress


  • GSI Outdoors 30 Fl Oz JavaPressWeight – 1 oz
  • Ease of cleaning – 2/5
  • Simplicity of construction – 2/5
  • Multifunction – No

Sometimes it is not important that the coffeepot is a bit harder to clean. Keeping coffee hot and fresh allows you to take some time out so sit, drink and and enjoy.


  • BPA Free, made from co-polyester, and is shatter resistant
  • French Press coffee carefree. Simply hold the base and gently lower the plunger.
  • Features a double-walled, insulated lid. Coffee stays hot, and you stay happy.
  • Lightweight due to minimal metal used in construction

What do owners say?

Reviews of the product are good for this simple coffee maker

Is the GSI Outdoors 30 Fl Oz JavaPress for you?

If you are looking for a versatile coffee maker and warmer look no further!

Check the price of the GSI JavaPress today

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