About Us

Danger Outdoor Gear was created as a place I could share my experiences with travel and equipment and share any bargains I find (less money on gear is more money for travel!) Whether you are a seasoned international traveler, stuck behind a desk 40 hours a week and dreaming of getting away into the wild or just starting out and looking for some quality basics at a reasonable price to set yourself up, I want to be able to help you make those decisions

The collection of gear and equipment you have to chose from when you head off into the wild needs to fulfill certain requirements. IT has to be functional, durable, hard wearing. The secret is to maximize the quality of your gear without spending any more than you have to

As a long time traveler and adventurer I have spent a lot of time and money on gear for the outdoors. I have had trouble at times finding honest reviews of some items and have decided to share my experiences with you all

A problem I found is that there are so many similar looking items available for sale online. Without being able to go into a brick and mortar store it is sometimes hard to be sure you are spending your hard earned money on a purchase that may or may not meet your expectations.

  • Which ones represent the best value?
  • Which ones look good online but long term use has shown that they are just not worth the money?
  • which ones are worth spending the extra money for a top quality unit?

I want to help take some of the risk out of the online purchasing experience

Another thing I’m excited about is the Gift section. I’m tired of receiving gifts for Christmas and birthdays that I really do not want or need, and I know most of you will be too. Check the Gift section for ideal gift selections for the outdoor adventurer that has (almost) everything